About Hawkeye German Shepherd Puppies and Dogs

At Hawkeye German Shepherds our mission is to utilize world class German bloodlines to produce dogs of exceptional health, temperament and type. A dog who can excel at any discipline and is quite simply magnificent in appearance.

The versatility of our dogs is true to the breed. You will find them on the Schutzhund field, in the show ring and working as therapy and service dogs.

Certainly as important is the role our German Shepherds fill as loyal family companions and protectors.

We are located in Illinois forty miles outside of Chicago. Our litters are born and raised in the home exclusively. We never breed more than two to three litters per year. This allows us to focus individual attention on each and every puppy. We begin neurological stimulation at day three of of the puppy's life and they are temperament tested at forty eight days.

In addition our German Shepherd puppies are socialized to children, adults and other dogs. We feel this is a crucial foundation for the puppy reaching it's true potential.

We offer ring training for show, obedience training and pledge our support for any activity or sport you would like to participate in with your puppy or dog.

Occasionally we import puppies and dogs from our friends in Germany. Even if we don't currently have a litter we can find for you a puppy or dog of a very high standard that we are proud to stand behind.

Call on us anytime with any questions you may have. We are always available to help you with your puppy after you take him home or help you find that special puppy or dog.